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Jesse James and Kat Von D would like to tweet back and forth all day long that they are in love.


Time to click the Follow button, kids.  You don’t want to miss a minute of this action…

Jesse James took to Twitter for the first time in months to confess his love for new girlfriend Kat Von D saying, in true Jess James class,

NY Daily News: “I have Never Felt so Loved!” the biker tweeted Jan. 9 to his girlfriend. “I’m The Luckiest MoFo in the World!”

Hm, we wonder what anti-Semitic character (given sweet Jesse’s particular predilections in the past) she had to dress up as to stir up that Tweet…

And that’s not all he wrote. Over the course of the last few days the rejects lovebirds have been Tweeting back and forth expressing their newfound love and devotion for ‘their other half.’

On January 13 James posted:  
“They say True love will always shine through,” he said. “The only reason I started Twitter again? so I could publicly profess my love for @thekatvond.”

Kat publicly responded to his declaration of love by gushing: 
“Thank you always supporting me and believing in everything I do,” she tweeted to James. “But most of all, thanks for being my best friend.”

Ah, Twitter. Such a media whore way to declare your love; but perfectly acceptable, we suppose, for D-list celebrities like Jesse James and Kat Von D whose claims to fame are too many tattoos and bad reality TV, respectively.

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