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The top 10 most beautiful women of NYC.


This year’s winner of most beautiful woman of NYC- inside and out- Courtney Dawson.

When you look at Courtney, what you see is a stunning girl – that “type” of classy girl with the perfectly manicured nails, impeccably straightened hair, and sophisticated outfits that would make her, what we often refer to as “marriage material.” The charming a bubbly personality is only an added bonus to whatever lucky man (or friend) who may has the privilege of knowing her. Courtney is listed on nearly every social roster, and is the Principal for Courtney Dawson & Company, a consulting service for the fashion and entertainment industry. My mailbox is always filled with new events Courtney is holding or supporting, which makes me feel rather lazy that a girl working this hard can look so impeccable yet I can never find the time to get a proper manicure.

What you don’t know about Courtney, however, is that she has been diagnosed with the incurable and life threatening illness of Scleroderma. When I learned this, it came as an absolute shock because from my knowledge of patients with the same diagnosis, they are by no means as active, put-together, and optimistic as Courtney is. Naturally, her personality seems to be finding the good in the bad, and has since developed the Dawson Scleroderma Foundation. The way Courtney plans for her Foundations events is typical Courtney style; they are often fashion oriented and lighthearted, making the evening enjoyable as well as educational.

Courtney was put on this Earth to make a difference, and as disturbing and heartbreaking it is to know that she has this condition, I know that Courtney will continue to fight until there is a cure, all while having a brave face and trying to lead her life as normal as any of her other friends would.

Scallywag’s notes: Courtney congratulations! You are this years winner of most beautiful woman of NYC- inside and out. Whilst most people would take themselves out of the picture, you on the other hand choose to dig in and get creative. Event after event, cause after cause, Courtney who is a personal friend of mind I should tell you completely inspires me, and to be honest I regard her as a true hero. She is a radiating beauty who serves to inspire others and the collective community.

Just one thing Ms Dawson, now that we’ve established you are a hero, and a beautiful one at that, just remember I am expecting you to be around for a whole long time to come- after all, you’ve got a new title to defend.


  • Tom Fords Baby

    What about Tracey Lisch-Lombardi, she has 3 facebook pages, 2 fanpages, 1 group a social media maven, generous, a total package over 40 and fabulous Down to EARTH, hard to find.
    Board member of Stop Abuse Campaign..fabu, beautiful inside and out. You should get to know her.

  • LOVE Reka!!!!!!!! as an amazingly talented gal and a friend! i’m so happy she made the cut. she sooooooooo deserves it!

  • Ledge

    Lydia Hearst-Shaw…? Generous…? Lol…you must be referring to someone else…unless of course you’re referring to her over abundance of generosity when it comes to gushing all about herself, her “busy busy” life having pictures of herself taken or all the “amazing and wonderful” things she’s off doing while she’s not being a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding, per say…what..? I said per say…doesn’t anyone speak Latin anymore…?

  • tiny litte ones

    what a frickin’ joke…….. Somaly Mam is not hot……and the rest are just rich girls…. talk about sellin’ out………. geesh.

  • LanceB

    So from a guy’s perspective… all of you ladies should be celebrating not hating on eachother. Congrats to all of you… the only thing I was confused about was why Jen Marden was not on this list.. It seems to me that the author defined the beauty of these women by there philosophic endevors and in my opinion know one is more true to that then Ms.Marden…

  • Frothy

    Wait where’s the accompanying pin up calendar?

  • What sweet words about not only me, but everyone…. I feel like nobody compared to the other girls on this list! Bravo to all! xxElle

  • words for turds 2

    I agree with the above. Everyone needs to leave positive comments not negative ones.

  • words for turds

    can anyone just be happy for those who made it? just because you didn’t, why frisk after those who did? and who cares about skin color? the whole point of the article was beauty coming from the inside AND the outside, so if you were to read alexa’s full article, you would see that women such as Tia Walker, Somaly Mam, Yaz Hernandez, Julia RR, ALL hail from places around the world and are of different ethnicity. And really, kelly8, its the heart and thought in the words that counts, not the typos. Kelly8 isn’t necessarily a grammatically correct name either, unless of course you are planning on casting for the New Star wars movie. Although I believe R2D2 already has a girlfriend. PEOPLE, JUST BE NICE!

  • Team Devorah

    She’s centered and sweet. Tinsley stole her idea for Social Heights (as well as her cast) and got it made into High Society. Why hasn’t anyone written an article about that?

  • Kelly8

    Who is this Alexa girl Lol… Can anyone say Spellcheck or Social climbing?? Get a life sweetie

  • Harry A. Hole

    this stinks, all of it….wipe it clean and start over….

  • To be quite correct Devorah was mentioned as a candidate for the top ten, but in fact she was not one of the actual ten nominees actually selected by me. I trust Devorah will survive the shock as will her fans (and enemies)- ooops- did I just say that? – The Editor.

  • Love her

    Team Devorah. She is intelligent and a hard worker. I look up to her.

  • Tinsley Witch-imer

    Tinsley Transexual made it on the top 10? She is fugs.

  • Of course

    Of course, the comment section becomes the devorah rose show. *yawn*

  • Trick or treat

    Devorah Rose made it on the list? But isn’t she a man?

  • Banging

    Dev is the hottest girl in NYC. Banging body.

  • Joseph Blow

    Wait, isn’t Devorah Rose a transexual? If so does not that technically disqualify her from being in your Top women category?

  • Exhausted hanger on

    Except for Somaly Mam why are all the women white socialites/models? Is this what counts for good reporting? Please have a look who’s also walking down the street besides skinny white girls.

  • Jazzy

    Yo- where’s Emma Snowdon Jones? Did she make it as number 11? That’s cruel man.

  • GhettoNi66er1

    Yo man, waazup wit all tha ho’s? Vodianova girl is bangin, slammin fo real, no joke. The rest is busted. I seen dat Chinese Mam’s show on da road, I give it an Oscar fo sure. B, she making all kinda money, gangsta. Where u be gettin u list from, Iowa?? Damn…