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Swimsuit designer found dead in posh Soho house bathtub. The scandal death of the year…


Image source- Gawker.Sylvie Cachay and Nicholas Brooks

Hard partying composer’s son wanted…

Sure to be the scandal death of the year involves that of 33 year old noted swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay found dead in a bath tub at the posh Soho house hours after she was seen quarreling with her 24 year old boyfriend- Nicholas Brook, noted hard partyer and son of well to do composer Joseph Brooks.

Gawker: 33-year-old swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay has been identified as the woman found dead in a bathtub at Manhattan’s posh Soho House hotel. Just hours before her body was discovered she dumped her boyfriend, the privileged son of an Oscar-winning composer.

But just not any 33 year old swimsuit designer, to put it mildly…

Cachay, a Peruvian and U.S. citizen, started her fashion career as an intern for Marc Jacobs, according to DNAInfo. She was eventually discovered by Victoria’s Secret and designed swimwear for them until starting her own luxury swimwear company, SYLVA. Beautiful and successful, she seems an unlikely match for 24-year-old Nicholas Brooks, whose main accomplishment appears to be graduating from his private school in the Bronx and producing an impressive gallery of intoxicated Facebook photos during a stint at the University of Colorado.

Never mind the rhetoric of the Gawker journalist who barely stops short of indicting Brooks for murder, for his purported ways(yet to be proven…) What makes Cachay’s death more poignant is the manner in which she died and of course where she died- the play ground of the rich and well appointed, and if we are to believe anything the tabloids sell us is these lot have life figured out, and to be even caught posing for a paparazzo with the wrong three quarter angle is a crime onto with itself, never mind being found submerged under water, with marks on your neck, and scattered prescription pills on the floor.

Wallstreetjournal; NEW YORK — The son of an Academy Award-winning songwriter was being questioned by police Thursday after his girlfriend was found dead in an overflowing bathtub in his swank Manhattan hotel room, a law enforcement official said.

The partially clothed 33-year-old woman was found in a Soho House room after police received a 911 call from the hotel at about 3 a.m.

Water was discovered leaking from a ceiling and hotel staff went to the floor above to investigate. They found the woman, dressed in a sweater and underwear, submerged in the tub.

There were prescription drugs found at the scene, and the woman had some small marks on her neck, the official said.

Which has us wondering if you are going to die a gruesome death, why not at the designated hot spot about town, that way your death will have more merit. Not that being potentially murdered is a pinnacle of accomplishment…

But then there’s the niggling presence of the misbegotten boyfriend



  1. Sylvie was a beautiful, talented person. I am not priviledged and she took the time to know me. I wish I was there for her. Damn, this sucks. I’m going to miss you so much.

  2. if all the machu pichus stayed in peru……..this wouldn’t happen…….. i’ll bet she shaved her poo-naa-nee naa-neemmmmmm

  3. OK, from what i’m reading from the article, so it’s her fault she decided to socialize with a murderous douchebag?! yeah of course, because it’s never the white man’s fault. i’m going to call it right now, he killed her. case closed, sayonara, you all suck!

  4. Please, leave my friend in peace. She was kind, beautiful, creative, vivacious, talented, generous. It is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends. Please be respectful by not making assumptions, speculations and pronouncing judgments about someone you don’t know at all, citing things like “complicity” “privilege” “negligence” while lacking any context or compassion. I appreciate your respectfulness.

  5. Under the American justice system we hold to the principle “innocent until proven guilty”, however, Nicholas Brooks is not just the son of “well to do” composer Joseph Brooks who composed “You Light Up My Life” and other sorted tales of romantic obsession that borders on disturbing and perhaps reveals stalkerish tendencies. Joseph Brooks is the “MONSTER OF CARNEGIE HILL” a veritable predator who used his station in life and Hollywood Success to lure unsuspecting actresses to his lair where he and an assistant manipulated, coerced and molested over 11 women, that is you believe the indictments for RAPE that were issued against him. See my blog entitled: “You Light Up My Life & Can’t Pay the Bill”: http://christopherlondonblog.com/2009/10/25/you-light-up-my-life-but-now-you-cant-pay-the-bill/ wherein I discuss the disturbing undercurrent of his prose, the charges against him and his attempt to extort the return of funds from an ex-fiance Joaly Gomez and paint her as a golddigger so that he could in essence reverse the dialogue in the media and on his accussers to paint them similarly. Nicholas Brooks may just in fact be another American Psycho who strangled his girlfriend and then calmly went downstairs at the exclusive SOHO HOUSE to have a drink and conveniently returned upon the Police’s arrival. It is truly like a scene out of the Brett Easton Ellis nove. The irony of the Soho House’s Policy restricting professional types like bankers in favor of the “creative class” is that you in effect have to co-brand Members Only bodybags for some of your guests.

    Christopher London
    link: http://christopherlondonblog.com/2009/10/25/you-light-up-my-life-but-now-you-cant-pay-the-bill/

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