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Sven Koppler Arrested for Sending Hundreds of Tarantulas to the US By Post


In probably the creepiest case of animal abuse ever filtered through through the mailroom, 37-year-old German national Sven Koppler was charged by US officials for illegally mailing multiple packages containing hundreds of live tarantulas, one shipment of them wrapped in plastic straws.

The Daily : According to the criminal complaint, agents believe Koppler has received about $300,000 for selling tarantulas to individuals in dozens of countries throughout the world.

Who’d known that mailing tarantulas could be so lucrative? Continues the report:

Koppler, who prosecutors believe lives in Wachtberg, Germany, was scheduled to make his initial court appearance later on Friday and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

The investigation, called ‘Operation Spiderman‘ also revealed that Koppler had mailed 22 Mexican red-kneed tarantulas, a protected species – a move which has stirred criticism as many of the arachnids are said to have died during their journey (apparently he hadn’t marked the contents as ‘fragile’).

Luckily for Sven, they aren’t charging him with terror crimes, though this author could imagine few things more horrifying than knowing there could be packages containing hundreds of tarantulas crawling all over each hidden in the postal system. Can you imagine what would’ve happened had one of them been torn open? The creepy things people will do for money these days… and not just on Craigslist.

Makes you wonder what else is floating around out there, doesn’t it?

  • Mark SI

    No one cares that tarantulas were captive bred. So actually he is helpping to preservee wildlife.
    No one cares how much money US gouvernmet spent organising and realising this opeartion called Spiderm-Mar. Just to capture one of the best European tarantula breeder.
    And for that 300,000USD he was supposed to receive selling tarantulas over the world… In their dreams. There are couple of species that are worth couple of hundred USD, but others are selling in dollars.
    What can Sven be charged for? Just to forgot to fill his paperwork!

  • Rasputin Sane

    Sven is being charged because the U.S. government is corrupt and set him up. What men like Sven do is more than CITES ever could accomplish with their red tape. There’s nothing creepy about it – I’m a researcher that works with these animals and I can imagine much worse and creepier things. Think about this one but don’t have an aneurysm: he’s facing 20yrs in a federal prison and a fine of $250k for shipping a regulated species – smuggling heroin into this country carries much less weight – tell me how that works?!?!