Home Visual Arts Scoop at Scope- the highlights, Art Basel Miami 2010.

Scoop at Scope- the highlights, Art Basel Miami 2010.


Photography by Alexandra Wynne. Olek

Ideally the reason to go to Art Basel is for the art shows, not to see David Guetta perform at Mansion or to stay awake till sunrise at parties in the Florida Room beneath the Delano hotel (although, that was a highlight on its own). SCOPE Miami Art fair (the International Contemporary Art Fair) surely grabbed many from the recovery section of the poolside in the South Beach Hotels for a short drive to inspiration and creativity from across the world in downtown Miami.

With around 300 galleries and 2000 plus artists featured throughout all of Art Basel, not including the 9 public art instillations or the artists that turned the concrete buildings of downtown Miami into murals (See DC and Primary Flight Kick ), the International Contemporary Art fair had a surplus of influential gallery spaces and artists that delivered superb pieces to the mass attendees of Art Basel. All in all it was overwhelming deciding who stood out among the wooden floors and dry walls of the tented convention center, thus allotting for endless hours spent inside the space wandering in wonderment. Thankfully, Roberta’s traveled from their garage in Bushwick, Brooklyn to deliver tasty treats with watermelon lemonade. Thus, in the center of the exhibit, artists, connoisseurs, and the eclectic outsiders gathered alike, all with a whisper in appreciation of the work witnessed.

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