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Mother Allows Local Teens to Turn her Toddler into a Human Punching Bag


In one of the most barbaric child abuse cases to date, Shakera Wright, an 18 years old has been charged with allowing her 18-month-old son, Louis, to be tied upside down by his ankles to a closet’s coat rail whilst three teenagers used the captive Louis as a human punching bag.

Sources say Shakera only stopped the beating when Louis’ eyes rolled back in his head and he became unresponsive. According to the Daily Mail, at the hospital, “Doctors told police the baby had swelling to his face, five fractured ribs, bruises on his back and his left and right torso, as well as lacerations to his spleen, liver and pancreas.”

Shakera then claimed the boys – aged 14, 15, and 16 respectively – had been wrestling her son, which at which time she then stepped in, stopping them because it got “too ‘rough.’ Never mind the idea that chaining her 18 year old month son to a coat’s rail never struck her as particularly ‘rough’ enough in the first place.”

Which is to say perhaps Shakera Wright in her mind deemed the abuse and vindictiveness against her son as particularly brutal at the point where her son could no longer endure the pain, until then he was in some perverse way fair game to the imagination of three young thugs essentially given explicit permission by her to do as they felt by what one could argue is a maladjusted mother, swayed by some mean spirit vindictiveness, a history of her own abuse or perhaps complete apathy. Or even worse no coherent reason to begin with.

Doctors also found clues hinting that Louis had endured previous abuse, namely a skull fracture that had long healed over meaning someone may have hit his had hard enough to break it. When doctors further argued that Louis’ injuries were consistent with being repeatedly punched, it wasn’t Shakera, but one of the boys – 16-year-old Tyrek Varnes – who, probably consumed by guilt, admitted the grim particulars of the sadistic torture session. However, none of them seem to have told police their motivation.

Doesn’t that pose the most difficult question: Why allow your child to be abused, almost to the death, by local teenage goons? –Is it for sheer entertainment value? Strictly as a means of getting off on holding complete power over another? Or is it, like so many of the most horrifying crimes we encounter from time to time, for no ostensible reason at all…

The child to date remains in critical condition.



  1. She is sick and mental. What kind of “mother” does that to her baby boy???? I wish I could get my hands on her. How dare she even be gifted with a little human being to call her own and not care or give two s***s to see that these stupid idiots were hurting her baby. I wish I could get my hands on those little boys too…I’d stone them and then when they are on the ground with their eyes rolling in the back of their heads – looking like they want to die. I’d cane them and wouldn’t call for help. I don’t care. The system doesn’t help these poor kids what happens is they are given back to these dirt bags or worst yet put into a system that is overly swamped with children of these cases as it is and not paid attention to..they think by giving them to a foster family they are helping, but what if you don’t do your usual visits what happens to the poor child then. How many other cases are out there that the system failed these children. I wish I had a big enough place and lots of money to provide for these children I would take them all and show them love and hold them and give them the attention they so dearly need. It pains me to think of all that has gone on in only a matter of a few years with all these children. I can’t tell you how much I hurt when I look into my own childrens eyes and have to tell them that there are “evil monsters” out there…

    This is just so disturbing and what gets me the most is that girl’s face. Like she didn’t do anything wrong and pretty much has a “f**k off” look – I’d like to smack that look right off her face – you don’t deserve to have him again and you don’t deserve to have anymore babies! Evil and vile is all I have to say about her.

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