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Media transparency, Mastercard and payback.


citizens who are in some metaphorical way seeking to revolt from the rigors and fallacies of our times. Fallacies that are so often explained away, locked away, re iterated in friendly pr lingua gratis complicit media too keen to grab those advertising dollars and power access.

In essence George Orwell’s Big Brother scenario of abused power and freedom of thought and media duplicity has reared it’s head and surprisingly various quartets of the public are rising to the challenge of negating it (despite us being repeatedly told that heightened secrecy is for our collective misery good) which in our opinion is to be lauded.

After all what’s the point of freedom and responsibility and opportunity if you are denied such things only to have the world figured out and sold to you in convenient episodes that so often serve to conveniently serve the indoctrinated/vested power bases and their infomercial packages?

Let’s hope government and institutional tampering fervor doesn’t lead to efforts to clamp down on the internet, as their way of rebuking seething pockets of uprising, because if that is what ends up happening then we can turn off the switch call democracy and turn on the switch in the other room called totalitarianism. A room we can assure you if history is a guide that will leave you spending your days living in actual and metaphorical darkness…

Assuming you already don’t mind scavenging in the darkness.


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