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Julian Assange may soon be out of the picture.


mounting a crusade to bring Mr Assange, which the media has labeled as a terrorist hacker (never mind the terrorist behavior of complicit Western states) to a standstill. Resilient until now in evading the demands and the efforts of the West in curtailing his operations, the foreboding meeting between Mr Assange and British police may be just what the doctor ordered.

At stake is whether Mr Assange’s leaks have brought increased clarity and understanding as to how Western states seek to engender consensus, even calling in to question practices that on the surface ought to trouble the public.

A Downing Street spokesman said this morning: ‘We unequivocally condemn the unauthorised release of classified information.

‘The leaks and their publication are damaging to national security in the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

‘It is vital that governments are able to operate on the basis of confidentiality of information.’

But perhaps the greater question is what information are we necessarily dealing with and can we really fault Mr Assange in his determination to force a dialogue of said themes?

Mr Stephens said Mr Assange would ‘certainly’ fight deportation on the grounds that it could lead to him being handed over to the US, where senior politicians have called for him to be executed.
He said that the WikiLeaks site – which was last week forced to move to a Swiss host after being dumped by US internet companies – had come under siege from ‘a huge number of cyber-attacks’.

Which brings us back to the central question; who is the real terrorist and if Mr Assange is to be deemed as one, shouldn’t that trouble us in so far that information and communiques that inevitably affect us all ought to be made public (despite sweeping terrorism law that says otherwise) and if it turns out that the West are in their own way behaving like terrorists who will arrive after Mr Assange should he be removed to keep them in check?


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  1. Terrorists? How about Treason?

    This man printed available information. Will this be used to further censor the net? Do you really believe this man is any dirtier than a New York or Chicago Governor? A Senator? A president? Historically, Israel has sold real US secrets to China and Russia but that is ok right. When they are not collecting the ten million dollars a day and sinking the USS Liberty they are our best friends, right?

    Let’s look at this terror business shall we?

    Funny, I call a domestic terrorist a person or group that guts the American economy and off shores all the jobs to China Mexico and Asia, and when the problem is recognized keeps doing it.

    I call domestic terrorists International bankers including the Federal Reserve who play housing games, print money, and ruin lives with no accountability.

    I call domestic terrorists a media that 96% of the world media controlled by 6 Jewish corporations pushing harmful products, spreading lies and making and breaking Prime Ministers, Presidents to serve the elite.

    I call a domestic terrorist a person or group who surgically removes or inserts key legislation allowing for the looting of the country to be legal and providing immunity to themselves from the laws they write.

    I call a domestic terrorist elected criminals that serve Israel, Mexico and Wall Street interests instead of the American peoples.

    I call terrorists a person or group that leaves the border open to disease, drug dealers, brothers that map Fort Dix, illegal aliens to loot and cause harm to the country, and open to potential terrorists while American citizens phones, emails are censored and our loved ones are felt up a the airport.

    I call domestic terrorists groups like the CIA and other government agencies that back OBL, Sadam, create HAMAS, over throw democratic governments and install puppets then cry terrorist.

    Americans are so misguided by propaganda they are unable to make rational decisions and become participants in their own rape, and murder.

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