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Julian Assange may soon be out of the picture.


How to catch a terrorist hack or so it goes…

Reports coming out of the British press has it that renegade founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange responsible for revealing secret dialogues and communiques that have sent diplomatic shock waves across the world may agree to meet with British police surrounding an alleged rape that he has supposed to have an enacted. An assertion that Mr Assange until now has stringently denied or for that matter wish to discuss as he has attempted to shift focus on Western states perceived egregious behavior.

With Mr Assange proving to be a resilient thorn in the establishment this may serve to be welcome news, assuming he hasn’t left a few more secrets under the table…

Dailymail : WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to meet British police ‘by consent’, his lawyer said last night.

Yesterday police in Britain finally took receipt of the correct paperwork for a European Arrest Warrant issued by Sweden, where Mr Assange is wanted for questioning over rape allegations.

Mark Stephens, the London-based lawyer who represents Mr Assange, 38, told BBC News last night: ‘Late this afternoon after close of business I got a call from the police who said that they had received an extradition request from Sweden.

‘Their request is to interview Julian Assange. He’s not been charged with anything.

With the mounting difficulties facing Mr Assange it seems he has decided that this may be the most sensible course to deflect recent atrophy from various supporters of late who until recently were maintaining his ability to operate. With the recent declaration from paypal over the weekend that they would no longer transmit funds (possibly the result of political pressure by the US government who have every incentive to shut Mr Assange down) that have kept him and his operation alive, and the recent freezing of his accounts by Swiss Post Office Bank- PostFinance the noose strings are starting to get tighter and Mr Assange is now being forced to reckon with the negative fallout of his campaign and the media’s relentless hounding.

It came as WikiLeaks faced a furious backlash last night over the ‘criminal’ publication of a secret list of sensitive UK sites that could be targeted by terrorists.

The whistle blowing website sparked unprecedented anger by revealing a classified catalogue of installations including defence plants, satellite facilities and undersea cables in Britain. They were among hundreds of key industries and infrastructure identified across the world that Washington believes is vital to its national security.

With the establishment at its wits end to put a stop to communiques that it would rather keep a secret (arguably for our national security as well as one may ponder their own security as well…), Western states have been



  1. Terrorists? How about Treason?

    This man printed available information. Will this be used to further censor the net? Do you really believe this man is any dirtier than a New York or Chicago Governor? A Senator? A president? Historically, Israel has sold real US secrets to China and Russia but that is ok right. When they are not collecting the ten million dollars a day and sinking the USS Liberty they are our best friends, right?

    Let’s look at this terror business shall we?

    Funny, I call a domestic terrorist a person or group that guts the American economy and off shores all the jobs to China Mexico and Asia, and when the problem is recognized keeps doing it.

    I call domestic terrorists International bankers including the Federal Reserve who play housing games, print money, and ruin lives with no accountability.

    I call domestic terrorists a media that 96% of the world media controlled by 6 Jewish corporations pushing harmful products, spreading lies and making and breaking Prime Ministers, Presidents to serve the elite.

    I call a domestic terrorist a person or group who surgically removes or inserts key legislation allowing for the looting of the country to be legal and providing immunity to themselves from the laws they write.

    I call a domestic terrorist elected criminals that serve Israel, Mexico and Wall Street interests instead of the American peoples.

    I call terrorists a person or group that leaves the border open to disease, drug dealers, brothers that map Fort Dix, illegal aliens to loot and cause harm to the country, and open to potential terrorists while American citizens phones, emails are censored and our loved ones are felt up a the airport.

    I call domestic terrorists groups like the CIA and other government agencies that back OBL, Sadam, create HAMAS, over throw democratic governments and install puppets then cry terrorist.

    Americans are so misguided by propaganda they are unable to make rational decisions and become participants in their own rape, and murder.

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