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Five Miami Teens Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Motel Room


Five Miami teens were found dead in their room at the Hotel Presidente in Hileah, FL after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from their Kia Optima‘s exhaust fumes.

The boys, Juchen Martial and Evans Charles, both 19, Jonas Antenor, 18, Peterson Nazon, 17, and Jean Pierre Ferdinand, 16, were found by a maid who, upon finding them and smelling the thick stench of gasoline, called 911. She stated to dispatches: “They’re all there, and they don’t respond.” “They’re sprawled on the floor. I haven’t wanted to touch them. I’m scared.” The group had reportedly been celebrating Martial’s 19th birthday.

Two friends of the group, Maxon Ofea and Richard Dalce, stated that the car which had recently been jump-started, was left running for fear that it wouldn’t start again. Said Dalce, ‘They didn’t want the car to cut off.’ Unfortunately, it didn’t. When police arrived, the car was still running.

The teens parked the car in a garage beneath their room and left a staircase door leading up to their sleeping quarters open, allowing the gas to slowly fill the room which, according to the Daily Mail, was ‘sealed shut like an aircraft.’

Though some reports note that the group had been ‘partying,’ police found no trace of drugs or alcohol. Wherein lies the irony: had they been out partying all night instead their celebration most likely would not have turned deadly.


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