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Who will help indie/director/producer Jordan Bayne raise the last remaining $5242 for her film?


we’re taking the bottom up approach with this film . there IS strength in numbers . and . as witnessed by the amazing outpouring of support so far . either by the financial contributions . the incredible emails saying “thank you for telling this story” . or . the generous people out there taking it upon themselves to tell others “hey, check this out and get involved” . we know that we can come together as a community around this common goal to tell a story of weight and merit . an important story . that needs to be told .

right now i have just 13 days left to raise the remaining $5242 and meet this goal . if i do not raise it…. your pledges are canceled and the funding is not received . as i look at this i think back to something i tell myself . and . i tell my students . BE FIERCE WITH YOUR DESTINY . focus on the task at hand . making dreams come true . believing in your own purpose . and . knowing others believe in you too .

it’s that spirit in which i carry forth in this campaign to get this film made . be fierce with your destiny .

so . right now . i am asking you to continue to stand with me . stand with the truly phenomenally talented cast . and . crew . to work with me . with us . to spread the word . and encourage others to do so with you . we absolutely can do this . especially if we go forth with the understanding that this campaign is not just about getting a single film funded . its about creating community . it’s about all of us coming together to tell an inspirational story . a powerful story . that exemplifies the humanity within us all . that has the potential to speak to many . and . with hope .

thank you for all of the support . please take a moment to pledge . view the video . read the updates . meet some of the players involved .


with my deepest gratitude .

jordan bayne


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