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Update: Operation Overlord So Far


By 5:53 PM Tumblr had gone down. 4Chan had gone down. And, of course, Scallywag and Vagabond has gone down, unable to accommodate the tumblrs and /b/tards seeking to roll in the detritus of their news clippings, thereby verifying their own self-worth and newsworthiness.

Within the hour, the stupid flows of image driven ecstasy had caused these two legions to completely eradicate each other’s homepages, cut off centralized communications, and left all the internet to gawk at their collective wake.

But by 6pm or so both sites were back online: tumblr back to rofling at its hipster kittens, and 4chan having regrouped to fap and chat each other in their various ‘chanbunkers.’

Said one /b/tard: It’s 6 now, theres nothing wrong with tumbl.r

While some warmongers urged the channers to rage on, like a post coital lover relishing in the fury of his short lived fuck frenzy both sides had, exhausted, decided to roll over and wallow in the afterglow of their collective online power.

If there was ever any question of whether there was any greater online force than sheer stupidity, this should end all speculation. But doesn’t this create a deeper, if more difficult, question: While stupid brutality is the number one force in online culture’s veritable economy how does one direct the flow of it? That is, wallowing in our own stupidity is no longer enough; now there is an oddly intellectual question to address, that of how one can go about harnessing it.

Web War 3: Tumblr takes on 4Chan in a Battle to the Death

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  1. We beg to differ! We were all down, including us as our server crashed with all you warring hipsters and corporate neophytes clammering to find out who would be the new darth vader of the internet- The Editor.

  2. Tumblr was never down at any point yesterday, if you bothered to hit refresh you would have seen that for yourself. 4chan’s main page and later the /b/ boards were shutdown by moot, not tumblr, in an effort to prevent the attack. Get yo facts straight.

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