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Prince Harry’s Belt Comes Loose, Reveals Pink Undergarments


The prince is wearing pink panties?

When “carefree” Prince Harry forgot to tighten his belt at this week’s Imperial War Museum fundraiser, the tough-guy’ Prince and army officer frolicked and high-fived his way to what’s been called a serious fashion faux-paus.

Between scaling walls and charity chillin’ with survival expert Bear Grylls, the Prince managed to grace us all with a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ that’s left pundits asking why the “low-slung” Prince hadn’t chosen a “more manly colour.”

Though it isn’t being stated outright (at least not quite yet), isn’t this newsworthy only because it’s imbricated with the traditional ideals of manliness that battle hardened soldiers are supposed to personify, as well as the contemporary debates about the place of gays in the military?

While, as the Daily Mail speculated, “it’s probably safe to say to his grandmother, The Queen, would not approve,” does it really matter what color underwear you’re wearing when you’re blasting missiles from your Apache helicopter (exactly what the Prince is learning to do)? Isn’t ‘manliness’ the result of one’s actions, not his fashion choices, no matter what your stylist says?