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Palin Accuses an Alaskan CBS Affiliate’s Reporters of Being ‘Corrupt Bastards’


Our favorite Mamma Grizzly’s newest viral internet campaign involves releasing a tape of Alaskan reporters allegedly conspiring to portray Republican Senate Candidate Joe Miller as the preferred choice of sex-offenders (with their own viral campaign, nonetheless).

The tape, supposedly a voicemail a KTVA news producer accidentally left for one of Miller’s spokespeople, provides audio footage of the producer ‘plotting’ with her reporters after she’d thought she’d hung up the phone.

The reporters also discuss sending out a Twitter or Facebook ‘alert’ intended to liken ‘any sort of chaos whatsoever’ to the Rand Paul headstomping incident. Fittingly for Facebook content, one reporter declares ‘I like that.’

While Palin somehow thinks this is going to shock the blogosophere into action, one has to wonder whether she’s really so naive as to believe the American people don’t already realize that all political (mis)information is strategically reported strictly along party lines.

Despite Palin’s patronizing doesn’t it seem that something a bit more startling is, in fact, at stake here: namely, that  ‘straight,’ or ‘serious’ news networks on both sides of the political fence routinely do the same things as tabloids (just with different subject matter)? Moreover, aren’t tabloids, if anything, more objective since they mar everyone equally — not only with impunity, but also equal time? Then again, even this is biased, since it’s written by a tabloid writer…

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