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Have you tried walking in the latest Lady Gaga shoes?


For those of you game to try the avante garde route we’d like you to introduce to you Lady Gaga and the latest fashion accessory she has taken to and by extension what you must too…

stylelist Gaga basically lives in “the” sky-high, heel-less platforms, which look physically impossible to stand on, not to mention walk in.

The creator of the famous footwear, 25-year-old Japanese designer Norita Tatehana, was kind enough to send us a pair of his gravity-defying designs — in sparkly pink stingray

Pink Stingray? Mmh- that’s already got us salivating. But how much should you be prepared to pay for this audacious excuse to finally come clean with your foot fashion fetish? If you guessed $6500- you are spot on?

Like the author from stylelist we are also wondering if any reasonable human being can really wear the Lady gaga shoe without inadvertingly eventually smashing their face into a window pane, inverting leg muscle traction or becoming their own interesting parody…

One day when Lady Gaga is strutting the planks on her magic catwalk she will fall flat down only to get up and look the paparazzi dead in the eye and hope that every one of those 48 000 cameras were there taking their picture of her before turning back at the chipmunk in her $72 000 handbag and winking- ‘we’ve got them fooled kiddo…’

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