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College weed dealer murdered by his client in his high priced condo.


Do you really know who your customers are?

At first it looks easy. You get the connect, spread the word, get the odd knocking on the door at weird hour, open an unmarked bank account and then one day something terrible happens….

Gawker: Max Moreno was a 21 year-old Pace University business student who cops say was selling weed out of his luxury apartment in the Financial District. Wednesday morning, two people ran up in his apartment and shot him dead.

But why did they shoot him dead?

They demanded money; Moreno refused; there was a struggle; he was shot in the head and killed. The shooters got away. Police are investigating whether he was set up by his buyers.

But do such things happen to low level weed dealers? But what if you really aren’t just a low level weed dealer?

Considering the fact that Moreno lived in a FiDi tower (2 Gold Street, pictured at top) where one-bedrooms start at $3,050 a month, he probably didn’t need to be selling weed.

But then again maybe that’s how he paid the rent? Being a weed dealer definitely has its complications, like most illicit pursuits in life. Hopefully Max’s customer’s will soon find a new dealer to buy the good shit from soon…

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