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Australia’s Melbourne Cup in pictures.

'Bonza, I knew my horse would come in...'

'This ladies is our day to act incredibly silly and for no one to be one the wiser...'

Melbourne Cup akin to the Kentucky Derby here in the United States (but even more prestigious thank you very much) came and went yesterday and with a tradition that has most Australians running out of their busy worker hats to sit and stand and holler the first Tuesday of November which is exactly what happened yesterday in Australia.

That said let’s have a look at some of the more compelling photos of Australians running around in mud, champagne and of course tears of joy courtesy of the UK Telegraph.

Congratulations to Gerald Mosse (the jockey below) and the winning horse ‘Americain,’ and this author’s fellow countrymen. I wish I was there rolling in the mud with you…

'...'Struth she was this close to winning....'
'We(I) are(am) the bloody champion(s) of the world...'
'Mate, you can't ask a grown man to cry...'
'Quick girls, there giving away some more grog over there...'
'Bonza, I knew my horse would come in...'
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