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Artist implants camera in the back of his head.


A new form of art is waiting to happen.

What’s in perspective? And what if you could change that perspective if you had a third eye implanted in the back of your head. The wave of the future or just an over the top art project?

azcentral: A tiny camera has been surgically implanted to the back of a New York University professor’s head – all in the name of art.

Visual artist Wafaa Bilal teaches at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He had the surgery for a project called “The 3rd I.” It’s been commissioned by a new museum in the Arab Gulf state of Qatar that opens Dec. 30.

The Iraqi-born artist will wear the camera for a year and capture images at one-minute intervals that will be transmitted to monitors at the museum. He says details of the project will be revealed at a Dec. 15 preview at the museum.

The school for its part is wondering how it may affect students in the classroom, frankly at least they’re in on it, the real question we think is how will passer bys and potential girlfriends handle it? Whatever comes of it, we’re sure the images captured plus the implied change in psychological perspective on Mr Bilal will make for very compelling art, assuming he can hold on for one year…

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