Home Scandal and Gossip Republican assembly candidate Frank Sparaco wants you to fuggedabout his mob contacts.

Republican assembly candidate Frank Sparaco wants you to fuggedabout his mob contacts.


Although his major campaign contributions have been made from car dealerships owned by a renowned Colombo mob soldier, as well as the Colombo family’s first son, Michael Persico, and the fact that his father was a mob hitman Republican assembly candidate Frank Sparaco, just wants you to fuggedaboutit.

NY Daily News:  Republican Frank Sparaco says he has nothing to do with “the life,” yet he makes much of his livelihood from those mob-connected dealerships, where he services candy and soda vending machines through his company, Pop’s Vending.

Sparaco’s father Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco is a cold-blooded mob killer who was part of the Colombo mob family. He pleaded guilty to several murders, became a police informant, and then jointed the witness protection program.

“He has put me in a precarious position,” Sparaco said, referring to his father, Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco. “I wasn’t a part of that life.”

Sparaco has gotten $10,000 in campaign money from Long Island car dealerships owned by reputed gangster John Staluppi, records show.

Although, ironically conveniently enough, when asked, Sparaco answers like a true politician, saying, “I don’t know John Staluppi, I never heard of the man.”

In today’s political climate, if the biggest controversy facing a politician is a couple thousand dollars in mob-connected money, hell, we say fuggedaboutit too.

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  • ADP

    That escalated rather quickly.

  • Are you enjoying the ranting? Obviously we made an error. That said, what’s at stake is not the picture but the behavior. Frank could look like an elephant as far as we are concerned. It”s the duplicitous behavior that concerns us. – The Editor.

  • MeFromValley Cottage

    Kathryn McDermott should be fired! WRONG PICTURE FOOL!

  • MeFromValley Cottage

    Do people really read your crap? Obviously you don’t get the story straight since you don’t even have the right picture. And I know for a fact SOME of the information going around is correct, but you guys are idiots. I can mark your website off my read list! Someone is not doing their job correctly and if I were Kenneth (the man in the picture), I’d sue your asses.

  • MeFromValley Cottage

    Fools….that is not Frank Sparaco in the picture. That is the his democratic opponent. Come on now…get the story straight.