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Parents Horrified as a Firefighter’s Video of Their Daughter’s Death is Posted on the Internet


Months after 23-year-old Georgian Dayna Kempson-Schacht died in a particularly violent car crash, her parents, Jeff and Lucretia, were emailed the ‘graphic’ video of the scene’s aftermath.

Allegedly, the footage was taken by firefighters who’d opted to film the devastation with a cell-phone so they could text it to their bar buddies before they got to business and pulled the mangled body from the wreck.  Like any especially gruesome spectacle (be it celebrity or otherwise), the video soon went viral, and found its way onto the internet.

The Daily Mail reports: “The horrible images are matched only by the tone in the firefighter’s voices, mom Lucretia said, as ‘there was no urgency to see if she was okay.’… ‘one person says, ‘Oh my God,’ and two voices can be heard describing body parts in a matter-of-fact way.

Is not this behavior both desensitized and informed by the blase, if not sarcastic, attitude towards humiliation, mutilation, and violent death constantly bombarding us? Considering the nature of the tragedy, along with our enduring hunger for it, no wonder none of them could bear to look away.

What does it mean for our culture when our real life actions begin imitating online behavior and their notoriously brutal, even animalistic actions? Are we in essence embracing our inner savage predator; or, conversely, attempting to shock ourselves out of our collective screen-imposed stupor with increasingly terrible abreactions?

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