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Animals Are Now Allegedly Having Spiritual Experiences


Has your pet been having profound out of body experiences lately?

University of Kentucky Professor of Neurology Kevin Nelson has recently concluded that look of bewilderment and wonder on your dog’s face isn’t because of the new dog treats you just gave him but because of “profound ‘spiritual experiences’ – including out-of-body ones that they’re having.

Discovery News: Research suggests that spiritual experiences originate deep within primitive areas of the human brain — areas shared by other animals with brain structures like our own.

The problem, Nelson concedes, lies in getting other creatures to communicate their ‘mystical moments’ in language comprehensible to us (something to think about next time your dog goes about sniffing your ass after you blow a few billows of bongsmoke up its nostrils).

“Despite this limitation,” Nelson says, “it is still reasonable to conclude that since the most primitive areas of our brain happen to be the spiritual, then we can expect that animals are also capable of spiritual experiences.”

And while, as Nelson explains, these experiences, such as “moving down a tunnel” can be explained in the same physiological way both in animals and in humans, “What [one makes] of the tunnel is another matter.” Usually one told over a bowl of munchies.

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