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America’s Got Talent Wife found Dead.


Laura Finley, wife of America’s Got Talent contestant Joe Finley, was found dead at the bottom of a hotel staircase Saturday after a night of celebrations with their preferred drug ecstasy.

Though Finley admits, that they took ecstasy, he describes the night, spent hanging at a jazz bar and touring the hotel as low key, saying that when he awoke in the morning his missus was missing.

For those of you who are regular ecstasy users, one can attest that most nights are frankly quite the opposite of low key…

Joe further stated: ‘She didn’t come back so I just left and got in line and figured she was still out.’ …’I didn’t think anything of it.’

The death nothing short of a tragedy, further debunks the imminent arrival of a wannabe performer set to claim what is rightly his and by extension ours if he wins but immediately repels us at the sleight of the media the minute we realize that certain characters are better situated for a horrible fall.

One day when Joe Finley is once again taking it easy over a quiet glass of vino and a couple of ecstasy pills he will quietly wonder to himself what could have been had he packed the pre celebrations away and concentrated on actually winning the show.

Daily Mirror UK

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