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1st Annual Superfruit Challenge, Bartini!


New York’s sportiest bartenders came together, Monday week ago- with Veev Acai Spirit, at Bar-tini in Hell’s Kitchen. Competing in the 1st Annual Superfruit Challenge, four individuals proved himself or herself to be the best costume-dressed, most super bar-tender, best cocktail maker and smartest.

My particular favorite of the three was the cocktail making contest! Innovative names, like ‘Acai Heat’ and ‘Living La Veeva Loca’—complemented the Amazonian motif, carried throughout the night. Cross dressers, in Hawaiian garb, melon cleavage, or midriff exposed outerwear—turned heads. Generous helping of sushi, marinated seasoned vegetables and kabob hors d’oeuvres enlivened the palates of all Veev loving attendees.

The winning team of the evening, “tutti fruitti”—won, thanks to their banana-leotard outfits and delectable Living La Veeva Loca blended cocktails. After the contests, a handsome fellow ascended the stage, and sang… “If you want me tonight, you got to come get me, tonight…. Wooooooooooah!!!!!”

Veev liquor bottles, decorated with gay pride beaded bracelets—lined the bar tables and tops all around. Liquor infused with Acai—a Brazilian super berry known for possessing more antioxidants and cancers causing agents than any other food in the world, (see http://www.lose-weight-with-us.com/acai-antioxidants.html), every 25 cents from Superfruit cocktails benefited the Trevor Project– the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention, among gays, lesbians, transgender. Furthermore, VeeV donates $1 per bottle purchased back to the Brazilian Rainforest; this ensures the safe harvest of açaí.

Overall, an exotic Monday night – drinking Veev in Hell’s kitchen—everyone went home, half tipsy- half entranced by the colors, nutrition and entertaining spectacles. Who or what will take place at the 2nd annual super fruit challenge, we’ll just have to wait and see!