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Ivana Helsinki: Where the F**K is my Sailor?


Photos courtesy of www.skimbacolifestyle.com

Soft, melancholic and serene, Finland’s fashionista- butterfly sisters— Paola & Pirjo Suhonen— this past Thursday presented their collection courtesy of Ivan Helskini 2011 Spring/Summer in NY, never mind their pending legal dispute against Ivana Trump for infringement. Paola’s middle name may be Ivana, but this did not matter. Donald Trump’s wife was bored with her multiplying riches, and decided to torture the poor Finlandia, whose straight woolen dresses increasingly were gaining attention, for assumedly using her Golden Seal.

(‘Paola is not Madonna, and any succeeding individual using the name Madonna, was overstepping her lines,’ was Trump’s lawyers’ argument that won her control of 5% royalties.)

Sitting in the front row of the very last show of 2011 Spring/Summer NY Fashion Week I entered Finland in the summertime, as seen by Paola Ivana Suhonen. Cowgirls treaded the moonlight in straight cotton dresses, with hair all a blare.