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British Teen Banned from the US ‘For Life’ After Drunk E-Mailing Barack Obama


Seventeen year old Briton, Luke Angel, has been banned for life from the United States today after the FBI ‘intercepted‘ a drunken ‘email to the White House full of abusive and threatening language.’ Reportedly, the limey Brit called the president ‘a pr–’ in the midst of an angsty teenage 9/11 truther rampage, but he doesn’t fully remember it.

Luke, ever the typical teenage tough guy, says ‘he doesn’t care’ but his parents don’t seem to be ‘very happy.’ Hopefully he doesn’t get grounded, or lose his allowance on top of it…

Still, should we really ban a teenager from a country ‘for life’ because, if unfortunately, the ability to send heartfelt email rant to a respected world leader was only a mouseclick away? And would we, or perhaps do we respond to a similar teenage rant housed domestically?

After all how can one ban someone from partaking in one of life’s most treasured contemporary activities: getting wasted and sending messages to people you regret in the morning?

Now all this kid needs is a Twitter account. With a media whoring career on the rise, he’s one step closer to achieving every tween’s American Dream of ‘endlessly retweetable’ twittering.

Source:Daily Mail.co.uk

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  • ADP

    DD, we both know bat boy hasn’t been newsworthy since they pulled him out of that cave years ago. Quit being facetious.

  • David Davidson

    Sorry I don’t feel like leaving a big trail of what I do on the internet, Eric Ludzenski. I’m not a huge attention whore.

    Suddenly, because you have an internet pseudonym, you shouldn’t be take seriously. THE INTERNET IS SRS BZNIS GUISE.

    Great argument. I remember being 15 once.

  • ..your name is ‘David Davidson’ and you expect people to take you seriously?

  • David Davidson

    your source is the daily mail and you take that seriously?

    everyone, disregard everything you read on this site. the author isn’t too bright.

    but really, anthony, did you hear bat boy is helping out our troops in afghanistan? he teamed up with bush and they expect to be out of their before obama’s 2011 deadline.

    go ahead. write an article about it.

    keep up the yellow journalism.

    yours truly,

    david davidson