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There are more bedbugs in your sweater than you think…


Do you really want to try on that sweater from Bergdorf Goodman?  We’re not asking because of the outrageous number on the price tag; we just hope that you’re not going to mind a few creatures lounging with you in your comfy cashmere.

Good Morning America did a segment on Monday, in which they revealed that up to 40% of bedbugs come from commercial buildings. Stores like Bergdorf’s are even hiring bug hunting dogs to come take care of their pest problem.

Huffington Post: “Good Morning America” aired a segment on Monday about bedbugs, this season’s most popular–and most unfortunate–trend. After the critters hit Hollister and Victoria’s Secret this summer, stores like Bergdorf Goodman have taken preventative measures, such as hiring bedbug-hunting dogs. We were actually shocked to find out that about 40 percent of bedbug problems now occur in commercial businesses such as clothing stores, hotels or theaters. Check out GMA’s tips for keeping yourself bedbug-free.

Mmmm, is that why movie theater popcorn has become a bit tastier? Don’t get rid of the bugs! We love that new salty crunch, not to mention it makes us more globally conscious. Do you think people in Cambodia pick bugs out of their fifteen mega screen, plush seated, surround sounded, air conditioned movie theaters? Not a chance.

So next time you try on that perfect little outfit, just know, that tingly feeling giving you the urge to buy, may not be your self confidence getting an extra boost; it may just be a new little buddy, just aching to come home and crawl into bed with you.

Sleep tight.

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