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Queen Elizabeth sets a new fashion trend…


Shouldn’t you be wearing lime trouser suits ladies?

It looks like Queen Elizabeth the second has sparked a new fashion trend…

Sun.co.uk:THE Queen has become an unlikely fashion icon – sparking a boom in TROUSER SUIT sales.Shoppers have bought 40 per cent more after Her Majesty donned a lime green outfit on a cruise around Scotland’s Western Isles in July.

And celebs Samantha Cameron, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham have been seen in the two-piece outfits.

Victoria Beckham you say? You know when Posh starts wearing them lime green trouser suits that hipsters and fashionistas alike will be following suit (pun intended). Which begs the question, is this just a fa or the beginning of something major? Can we soon expect Burberry’s to start sending out lithe vixens strutting in their own lavender, aubergine and of course lime suit pants?

The Queen usually chooses dresses or a skirt and blouse and had not been seen in the trouser suit before.

Lizzie Singleton, spokeswoman for Debenhams who spotted the trend, said: “HRH is clearly an unlikely style icon but we’ve had a right royal boost in sales.”

One day when the Queen is taking her little corgi’s Britannia and Excelsior out for a walk she will look onto the streets and notice young women the world over strutting in their own lithe green trouser suit pants and wonder how it all came to be…

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