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Pee Wee Herman is now a Huffpo blogger. Will the children cry?


Pee Wee Herman, pop culture’s most lovable man-boy, has entered the digital age; and he has taken to the internet, writing blog posts in an attempt to revive his comedic career. Digital media is Pee Wee’s new joke; and interestingly enough, Huffington Post is his punch line. We’ve got to give it to Pee Wee, this is very funny stuff.

Herman’s farcical HuffPo posts include:

Gawker: I am blogging on the Huffington Post. OMG. Did anyone notice I am blogging on the Huffington Post? I am a Huffington Post blogger. I’m joining the premier blogging site, The Huffington Post. I have to catch my breath. I’m. Really. Excited.

Oh Pee Wee, we are so happy that you are jumping onto the blogging bandwagon with the rest of us tabloid hacks; we’d love to hear you write some new material about the new breed of media whores; preferably some fresh insight about Danielle Staub or Montana Fishburne? Quite frankly, we’re running out of witty things to say about these fine celebrities trinkets.

Pee Wee coos praise for “beautiful, mysterious lady” Arianna Huffington, then rattles off the names of “REALLY important people” writing “REALLY fascinating pieces” for HuffPo. (Hyperlinked namedropping, just like a pro.) He uses the word “ironic” twice, then poses a question to French philosopher and fellow HuffPo contributor Bernard-Henri Lévy: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Oh, “I know you are, but what am I,” such a brilliant catch phrase. Pee Wee; please keep up with this blogging, and we hope you continue to be the secret scallywag we know (and love) that you are.

This comeback could be incredible. Or. It. Could be. A. Big. Fat Bust!

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