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Montana Fishburne would like to remind you that she is now also a prostitute.


Montana will soon become your imminent wet dream.

By now even little boys have had to come to terms that their favorite action star’s(Laurence Fishburne) daughter is a vixen for wet video training. But now they just might be digging into their piggy backs on the revelations that Chippy D also charges you for the good times. How much do you wonder? Let’s find out…

Sociallite Life.com: It turns out that Laurence Fishburne‘s aspiring porn-star daughter Montana Fishburne has been having issues with exhibitionism for a while now. The 19-year-old was arrested in March 2009 for prostitution and only escaped jail time by doing a work substitution program. Aptly, she was pictured striding down Hollywood Blvd. of Pretty Woman fame on Saturday night. Montana launched for porn career this week with news of the release of “Montana Fishburne: An A List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut” later this month. At least what she’s doing is legal?

Which makes us wonder would anyone of us care if instead of being a movie star’s daughter she was an unknown’s daughter. In some respects Montana is only doing what a lot of young adults are doing. Of course she just likes her sex and fame in more precarious positions. Maybe that’s half the thrill of watching an attractive young female choose such actions, because if there wasn’t an interest in it there wouldn’t be anyone watching porns or visiting ladies of the night. And of course that’s nothing you’d ever be caught doing, right…?

It’s time to see Montana Fishburne’s first sex photos.

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