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Omar S. Thornton kills 9 in a shooting rampage. More feared dead.


Motivated by racial harassment?

So much for a peaceful Tuesday summer day…It’s been gore and blaze this morning in Manchester, Connecticut. The final culmination of a man seemingly rankled with built in hostility and resentment. His legacy will be felt for time to come. What then ultimately triggered this horrific series of events? Oh the bloodshed…

NY Post: A gunman who killed eight people and himself at a family-owned beer and wine wholesaler in Manchester, Conn., may have been motivated by racial discrimination, the Hartford Courant reported Tuesday.

Omar S. Thornton, 34, reportedly entered Hartford Distributors and fired at employees with a .223 caliber semiautomatic rifle before turning the gun on himself.

Thornton, who is black, had complained about being racially harassed at work, the Hartford Courant reported, citing a woman whose daughter dated Thornton for eight years. Joanne Hannah said her daughter told her that Thornton complained about the treatment to his superiors, but they did nothing about it.

They did nothing about it. But of course Omar did. Because this is what you do when it’s all too much. Right?

According to John Hollis, a Teamsters union official, Thornton was a driver at the company who was hired approximately one year ago and was expected to face a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday.

A disciplinary hearing? What was he being disciplined for? Or were there others that Omar felt ought to be more deserving of some of their own disciplining?

What happens then when we take disciplining in to our own hands?

Kwch.com: “There are definitely some people that are shot, some people that are dead,” Hollander said, speaking in a tense and shaken voice about 8:30 a.m. Employees were in a warehouse across the street when police entered the building where the shooter was located.”

What will happen when family members pick up that phone to receive the horrific news of their loved ones..?



  1. Prettylegs,

    Amen!!! Prettyleg, though I do not agree that they, those who were murder got what they deserved, I do agree with what you say towards little rammer. I do know, based on where I work that there are still vicious, sick, demented, vile racist on our jobs. So, in saying that, some of us have a breaking point. He, Omar, reached his!!! Amerikkka and the world had better be glad, grateful, that people of african descent AREN’T WOVEN FROM THE SAME CLOTH AS THEIR FOREFATHERS & MOTHERS. People like, MLK, said love your enemy. And he meant it!!! His none violent approach proved that!!! Amerikkka has never loved its enemy… I do, wholeheartedly agree with you, that Omar was, tormented, tortured over time historically and in his present, bullied, without impunity. And yeah, of course he wasn’t/couldn’t be a racist because he, I’m sure loved his caucasian girlfriend for many years. It’s amazing to me, really I’m not amazed, I expect it, the redirection of what you are (a racist) that people of african descent are and can be racist. We of african descent don’t just despise the caucasian man because of the hue of skin, we despise him because of the “CONTENT OF HIS CHARACTER”. So yes Prettyleags, Omar was dead he just hadn’t died yet. He was assassinated mentally and emotionally LONG AGO.

  2. And rammer,
    Poo Nanny had nothing to do with this situation because he could and was getting as much Poo Nanny that he wanted , by one of your white women, who appeared to love him cause she had dated him for the past 9 years.. In fact it was she and her family who spoke out about the continuous racist events that he experienced on a daily basics. How does it feel to see your own grieve behind the same thing that they dished out to him??

  3. If Thornton was a victim of racism on the job as he stated, then all of the people he killed who were the perpetrators, should have lost their lives, as he took his.. Whether you are aware (R) not, He was assassinated mentally & emotionally, every day that he worked for the company. They got what they deserved , as he stated.. He killed those who behaved racist toward him..

  4. Nido

    Nido, so you are sure of that huh, that this country called ameri-ku-klux-klan, made rotten by caucasoid inferior groups, you call white supremacist, exist and “you “don’t think” anyone will deny that”. Well allow me to help you know… First, let me point you to this Wiki site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:White_supremacist_groups_in_the_United_States… I count 46 racist, hate filled groups. Many still exist today… If those groups were of African Descent or of so called Middle Eastern Descent, amerikkka would have long crushed them. Can you say J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO. And now, we can add 3 more, those got damn birthers, those got damn tea partiers, and got damn fox news, all hate filled racist, or as Rand Paul calls them, abhorrent: detestable, obscene, repugnant, repulsive, abomination, execration, odium, loathing. People Are Abhorrent… The Act is the effect… Now, you’ve attempted with that one or two video, with that one groups of brothas, who ARE “FED UP” WITH THE LONG, LONG “HIS”-STORY, OF THE ENDEMIC AND SYSTEMIC, SICK, DEMENTED RACISM FROM CAUCASOIDS, TO SHOW OR TO JUSTIFY SOMETHING! How long will caucasoids be full of hate because of the color of my/our skin. If the caucasoid man is going to hate someone/something for the color of my/our skin, THE CAUCASOID MAN SHOULD HATE GOD. I’ve said many, many times that I can no more help or change the color of my skin than caucasians man can help or change being full of racist hate, i.e. being abhorrent. Is that a true statement? Can the caucasoid man help or change himself? In 2010 on this planet, the answer is a resounding NO! A CNN report: http://pubrecord.org/multimedia/4273/during-sermon-arizona-pastor-tells/ – CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent – “My God” Nido, what has any man done to deserve that kind of hatred, who has done absolutely, positively nothing, other than wanting to HELP? Now, you say, whatever the hell it means, that I attack the messenger and not the message, no, I’M ATTACKING THOSE “HIS”-STORICAL”, CHRONICLED INDIVIDUALS, CITIZENS, POLOTICIANS, GOVERNMENTS, SO CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, AND THE SO CALLED JUSTICE-LESS SYSTEMS WHO HAVE A LONG, LONG ILLUSTROUS LEGACY OF VILE HATRED IN THIS COUNTRY. TOWARDS PEOPLE OF COLOR!!! You see, your problem is, you don’t want to face certain/those INALIENABLE TRUTHS. It is these INALIENABLE TRUTHS that you fear. People like, Tim Wise has faced those INALIENABLE TRUTHS, Michael Bradley, in his book, The Iceman Inheritance, has faced those INALIENABLE TRUTHS. Maybe you should face them… Because if the Caucasoid man is curable, if the Iceman is curable, it is going to be by another Iceman. People of color we’ve tried… We are at our WITS END. And unfortunately, that just perhaps, based on 911 evidence, that Omar got to his WITS END. Now, we don’t know a whole lot about Omar, but Omar probably wasn’t highly academically educated. What kind of an example is it that all of these so called highly academically individuals act so evil. I’m sure Omar watched tv. He saw the RACISM everyday… Pigs killing unarmed men… Politicians acting like assholes toward a man who only wants to help. I can go on and on because this country give you so much. Omar, R.I.P., your misery is over…

  5. his name was Omar……. what would you expect? plus he probably wasn’t getting any poo-naa-nee…….. named Omar + no poo-naa-nee = diaster waiting to happen

  6. Why are there so many ignorant people in the world? #1, Michael who will never be addressed as Mr. is a racist!!! Racism still exist in the world. Dumb Michael has prooved it in his statement. Do me a favor dumb Michael, bend over so I can stick my size 14 steel toe boots right up your narrow racist and gay as@*%$…!!!

  7. Mbizi:

    Sure we have White Supremacist groups in America, I don’t think anyone
    here would deny that, but we also have BLACK SUPREMACIST groups also.
    Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3MbqupVxMY

    Your problem is that you want to attack the messenger & not the message.
    usdoj.gov 30,000 White women are RAPED by black men EVERY YEAR.
    Will you address the issue or set back and call the usdoj racist for
    pointing out the facts.

  8. Scallywag:

    Stereotypes are based on a preconceived notion, nothing more, nothing
    less, or so we are told.

    Would you not agree that observation leads to a ‘preconceived
    notion’ thus – we create a “stereotype” observation being the key word.

    Let me ask you a question.

    As you know – 99.99.% of sharks aren’t man eaters, as a matter of fact,
    most sharks only attack humans for their splashing behavior etc.

    The question:

    Would you throw you children into a pool of sharks or would you error on
    the side of caution and adhere to stereotypes about sharks?

    Think before you answer, if you answer isn’t P.C., I will
    have no choice but to label you a sharkaphobe.

    Sadly, man is the most vicious animal on this planet.

  9. Lastly, to Scallywag, your/those statistics are as full of racism as the long, long “HIS”-Storic, ENDEMIC AND SYSTEMIC RACISM THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS PERPETRATOR ON PEOPLE OF COLOR SINCE ITS FOUNDING. If you go to:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:White_supremacist_groups_in_the_United_States – you count over 40 something racist groups that have existed in amerikkka, and some still exist. If racism wasn’t legislated (sort to speak) to BE ABHORRENT, it would be as strong and as vibrant as it was in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and the 60’s. You should read Michael Bradley’s book, The Iceman Inheritance. And while you are at it, youtube, Tim Wise… In the Eye’s On The Prize, they called it, “THE HATE THAT HATE PRODUCED.”

  10. Yes, let’s feel for all involved in the tragedy. Let’s hope that discrimination, compounded with everything else this rotten country is going through isn’t the spark. But what else can it be?

    This country and its “His”(Caucasoid)-Story has poisoned and DESTROY OUR MINDS. Destroyed especially the caucasoid mind because it (racism and the violence that’s a manifestations from it) has become as a part of HIM as THE HUE OF HIS SKIN. Us in that “we” don’t know whether we are coming or going. I’ve asked, what more can they/racism do to us that they haven’t done? If the righteous caucasoid man and woman (people like Tim Wise and Michael Bradley-Book, The Iceman Inheritance), would constantly and vigorously speak out against the racist and the racism, because only the Caucasoid man can change each other, then and only then will real change instead of pseudo change come about. As long as monsters like beck, hannity, o reilly, savage, palin, murdock and damn near everybody at fox, keep pouring hate filled gasoline on the fire of hatred, Caucasoid men won’t have a problem dragging a man of color behind him in his truck or threats on the africkan amerikkkan presidence life up 400 percent(CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent). My goodness, how much hatred can be in a race of people? I will use the word that Rand Paul used to describe the ACT. The Act Of Racism… But it is not the ACT FIRST that we should focus on. Rand Paul used the word: Abhorrent: detestable, obscene, repugnant, repulsive, abomination, execration, odium, loathing – the Acts of Violence are Vicious and Sadistic – People Are Abhorrent – then they ACT out Viciously and Sadistically. CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent… If there is a GOD OUT THERE, MY GOD!!!

  11. But it does contain some surprising numbers. While race is, by far, the
    No. 1 factor cited as the reason for hate crimes, blacks are slightly
    less likely to be victims and far more likely to be perpetrators, the
    statistics show.

    Nido- I don’t dispute the statistics, frankly my concern is the fact this phenomenon goes on unabated. Black, white, red.

    I think one can find racial harassment in any part of the world. I think it stems from negative stereotypes often perpetuated by those afflicted and those doing the afflicting, (not to mention the media ).

    It stems from not appreciating cultural differences and then moves on to personal grievances.

    Today’s statistics- 9 dead people in Manchester, CON and counting.

    Scallywag- The Editor at large.

  12. Scallywag:

    ‘Hate crime’ victims:

    Young, poor, white
    210,000 targeted annually

    due to bias, statistics show
    Posted: February 22, 2006

    WASHINGTON – The most likely victim of a hate crime in the U.S. is a
    poor, young, white, single urban dweller, according to an analysis of
    Justice Department statistics collected from between July 2000 and
    December 2003.

    A November report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics detailing a study
    of 210,000 “hate crimes” a year during that period has gone virtually
    unreported by the U.S. press.

    But it does contain some surprising numbers. While race is, by far, the
    No. 1 factor cited as the reason for hate crimes, blacks are slightly
    less likely to be victims and far more likely to be perpetrators, the
    statistics show.


    Btw, check out http://www.fbi.gov and usdoj.gov for more on this..

  13. Substitute student for worker.- http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/qa-raceharass.html

    Frequently Asked Questions about Racial Harassment

    Why is OCR concerned with racial harassment?

    Harassment of students due to race, color, and national origin is a disturbing phenomenon in elementary and secondary education as well as at colleges and universities as shown by the growing number of complaints the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) receives on this issue. This trend is a major concern because of the profound educational, emotional and physical consequences for the targeted students.

    Examples of racial harassment that OCR has dealt with include racially motivated physical attacks, racial epithets scrawled on school walls, and organized hate activity directed at students.

    What is a racially hostile environment?

    A racially hostile environment may be created by oral, written, graphic or physical conduct related to an individual’s race, color, or national origin that is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive so as to interfere with or limit the ability of an individual to participate in or benefit from the recipient’s programs or activities.

    Federal civil rights laws are intended to protect students from discrimination, not to regulate the content of speech. OCR is sensitive to First Amendment concerns that may arise in the course of addressing racial harassment complaints and takes special care to avoid actions that would impair the First Amendment rights of an institution’s students and employees.

    What are the responsibilities of schools and colleges?

    Prohibited discrimination occurs when a recipient condones, tolerates or allows a racially hostile environment that it knows about or when recipient’s employees treat students differently because of their race.

    How does OCR help eliminate racial harassment against students?

    OCR enforces Title VI, which prohibits discrimination based on a student’s race, color and national origin in schools and colleges receiving federal funds. OCR investigates and resolves complaints alleging that educational institutions that are recipients of federal funds have failed to protect students from harassment based on race, color or national origin. Complaints are often resolved by agreements requiring schools to adopt effective anti-harassment policies and procedures, train staff and students, address the incidents in question, and to take other steps to restore a nondiscriminatory environment.

    In addition to resolving complaints by students and their parents, OCR takes steps to inform schools of their obligation to provide a nondiscriminatory environment. On March 10,1994, OCR published policy guidance (59 Federal Register 11448) which explained the legal principles requiring educational institutions that receive federal funds to take steps reasonably calculated to stop harassment when it occurs and prevent recurrence.

    OCR’s field offices also engage in a variety of technical assistance activities in collaboration with state and local education and law enforcement agencies to encourage educational institutions to improve their anti-harassment policies and procedures and to assist students and their parents to work with schools to enhance the schools’ anti-harassment capability.

    Scallywag- the Editor at large.


    If discrimination has turned the world against White people, than tell me why dark races from all over the world are trying to flood into prominently White countries like America, France, Norway, UK etc?

    I don’t see people trying to get into Zimbabwe, Darfur and Haiti do you?

    If you don’t love us, leave us and head to one of the above mentioned places where you can enjoy life without whitey around.

  15. J: For the sake of argument – Lets just say that the shooter was “racially harassed” Do you believe that justifies the cold blooded murder of nine people?
    These people see racism everywhere – case in point. The NAACP suing over a greeting card that had the word “Black Hole” printed on the card, a scientific term.
    That is what many of those people consider racism.

  16. Forget about race and reason. He was dead wrong for taking the lives of his co workers. I am black and have no desire to justify this mans actions. The fact he did not want to take responsibility for his actions shows just how much of a stupid coward he really was.

    I am laughing my ass off at the fact racist white people hated black people so much they are now Americas new N-words.

    Discrimination has now turned the entire world against you and you are to dumb to see that your ways display so many versions of ignorance you are now looked at by the entire world as N-WORDS.

    As long as you keep posting the ignorant comments, your are doing complete opposite of what your trying to achieve.

    The black race would like to thank you for all of the time you spent clarifying to the world what a N-WORD is.

  17. Jay uses a racial slur referring to White people, yet calls others racist..

    Jay’s logic: If you put up racial comments a black will go on a shooting spree Look, I’ve too have looked at the FBI’s uniformed crime reports and I know that a certain race are prone to violence – but for you to suggest that black people would go on a shooting rampage because of something he read is real racism..

  18. Just suppose it were proven true that the shooter was racially harrassed and none of his superiors did anything about it after it was reported, would they and those who harrassed him also be held accountable for what happened in CT today?

    Michael kicked off the posts with a negative comment and it provoked a fellow poster to reply with a remark about harming him. It’s a vicious cycle that will almost always end in harm or death.

    Let’s learn to at least be civil and understanding of one another. Let’s be sensitive to others’ feelings, because you’ll never know how people will react when you push them too far.

  19. I love all the white people that are crying reverse racism. Then you read some f–cked up statement by sombody like Micheal and the reality is racism is woven into our American fabric and will always be around. Thanks Micheal for providing some insight.

    p.s – White people, no reason to be afraid of Obama cause he’s too busy being worried about what white people think of him!!

  20. dont worry micheal is just one of thoses Inbreeding hicks out there in the world it an’t his falut his wife is his sister

  21. Some people are not mentally and emotionally capable of handling rejection, especially now with the way the economy being in the state that it’s in. I offer my condolences to the families of those killed and to Mr. Thornton’s family as well. May God bless anyone having to deal with a loss of this magnitude.

  22. To Michael, if I had a gun, I would kill your azz!!! It’s people like you who need/deserve to get shot!!!

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