Home Scandal and Gossip It’s confirmed Manhattan now has it’s first ‘Souvlaki’ truck.

It’s confirmed Manhattan now has it’s first ‘Souvlaki’ truck.


I’ll have some extra tzatziki please…

It’s time to start dancing Zorba the Greek soon kids, because this fall you will all be getting nice and plump on ‘Souvlaki’ trucks mouth watering licks.

Midtownlunch.com: Over the weekend a new Souvlaki Truck hit the streets of New York City serving up (you guessed it) Greek style souvlaki.  The owner told us they’re planning to take things slow for now…

“We are definitely looking at Midtown for lunches, as soon as we ramp up. We’re  planning a slow launch this week…mainly downtown in Soho, East Village and Lower East side…afternoons, evening and late night until we’re ready for Midtown (not to mention scoping out the parking).”

As a lad who grew up on the stuff I can hardly tell you how excited I am, but I have some bad news. With all the calories, once the truck starts hightailing it to the LES or wherever it goes it just might be a good idea to put on your joggers and follow them.

In the meantime, we’ve pulled out the menu so we can salivate together. Here’s to smashing paper plates in Manhattan. Yiasou (all you Greeks out there know what that means….)