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Is this the world’s most hideous sports uniform?


French rugby is going for broke.

Every once in a while fashion surprises and titillates us, that said French rugby team Stade Francais is going for something all together different. One thing is for sure- it’s either bound to excite you or heavily disappoint you. Styleite explains….

Styleite: French rugby club Stade Francais is probably better known for its racy Dieux du Stade calendars than anything it actually does on the pitch, but Max Guazzini, the club’s owner, might just change that with his design for a new team uniform.

Called “The Crowd,” the jersey features caricatures of fans, and one of Guazzini himself. It looks like a really bad present-day version of Mexican Revolutionary War-era murals. Many of the characters are wearing pink, which Guazzini made an official team color to make the club look more gay friendly (because apparently a calendar featuring photos of naked, muscly rugby players wasn’t already sending that message).

Who would’ve thought images of fierce muscly rugby players wasn’t turning on the gay contingent? But pink? But then again this is France and the French have their own ways. Of course the more you look at the jersey the more you are appalled by it and the more you are pleased by it, the way an aspiring fashionista feels about squelching down a chocolate sundae that isn’t fat free…

What’s even worse is that the shirts are on sale for €78, which is just over $100. We know that Adidas-branded official sports gear doesn’t come cheap, but we don’t know anyone who’s going to pay that much money to look so bad.

Mmh. 78 pounds to look like a mistake. We’re sure there are people out there who pay way more than that to look like a tragic faux pas. Just look out your window this afternoon…

Either way, the club in the top 14 is not to be sneered at, and maybe now we’ll all sit back and rejoice as muscly men trample each other on the field with pink gurneys while the rest of us look on with our chocolate sundaes.