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How you became a modern day celebrity.


Lola Montez.

Which makes us wonder perhaps then the sole idea of being a celebrity these days is about having access to media, a press agent, a 24/7 rotation of your existence for public consumption. However this still doesn’t explain someone like Lola who existed in a time bereft of satellite TV (thank God we may think) and twitter updates.

Perhaps Loal Montez exuded charisma, wonder, exotic dispositions? After all she was an erotic dancer. An erotic dancer during a time where chastity was a virtue for most gals, and perhaps that may point to some answers as to how someone like Steven Slater became an overnight celebrity. He was seized upon by a group of taste makers, let’s call them editors of respective journals who latched onto the idea that what Steven Slater had done was within itself not very savvy, but reflective of the collective disdain and unease many people have with their work. Add a dramatic exit (sliding down an emergency chute with 2 beers thank you very much!), every tabloid breaking its neck to report the freak occurrence and presto a new type of modern day hero is born. A new brand of celebrity.

Then of course there’s our collective favorite media whore(admittedly amongst many)- Oksana Grigorieva, who by virtue of finding herself in a supposedly abusive relationship with a bona fide celebrity (Mel Gibson the Hollywood actor) has become the preferred non stop talking track of media hacks alike (us included). But what drew us to Oksana? Her talents? A pianist of little regard. Her looks? We’re sure she has plastic surgery along the way, but to be fair to Oksana she is an attractive female (esp if your tastes run the Eastern European gamut). Her previous relationship to another high profile actor (Timothy Dalton, an ex James Bond actor to boot? The supposed injustices at the hands of a man (Mel Gibson) who should have known better and with his wealth and position and status aggrieviously erred in his behavior towards Ms Grigorieva hence collectively morally outraging us (and striking at an inherent chord of moral outrage at those with power in our nation, or at least have abused their power) or her ability to twitter ad hoc while sitting on the toilet block to a waiting paparazzi team anchored to your internet?

Oksana Grigorieva