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Hamptons Big Shot Amy Paul goes ballistic when told to wait for a table at the Palm.


When the servants are being insubordinate and need to be taught a lesson.

There are some things servants need to understand in this world. That if your tucked in face has made it to a glitzy magazine, have rubbed shoulders with other celebrated delinquents and happen to own a house whose bathroom is the size of your waiter’s and busboy’s apartment combined then by rights and vanity you have every right when you turn up late and unannounced at your favorite restaurant to throw a temper tantrum and cause a magic scene if you’re needs are not immediately met. After all, this is how you will ensure once again you make it to page 6 on our favorite NY Gutter Post.

NY Post: East Hampton Village police are on the lookout for Amy Paul, 57, of Rye, NY. She had a reservation for 9:30 p.m. Saturday at The Palm restaurant on Main Street, according to cops, but showed up at 9:55 p.m. with four extra people. When the maitre d’ told them they’d have to wait for a table to be set up, Paul “became irate and ripped pages out of the reser vation book and then removed her shoes (heels) and went outside and began breaking the land scape lighting with her shoes until family/party members stopped her and removed her from the property,” according to the police report.

Temper, temper little Amy. Oh dear, we too know how you feel, when all of life’s inconveniences come hurdling perilously close to ones heart and soul and the heathen just stand there and look at you, unaware of all the wonderful sacrifices you have made to be this fabulous. After all Amy dear, you earned the right to be fashionably late and if them wenches can’t jump six feet high in the air, who are you to then just idly stand there and watch the world point daggers at your heart. Oh those wenches Amy, if only I was there, I would have looked for a high heel and helped you smash those light bulbs too. Oh the calamity…

Source: Gothamist



  1. How utterly pathetic and SAD. The Palm in East Hampton has been my favorite place to eat on the East End for as long as I can remember. The staff there are always polite and accommodating given the intense demand always for a prime time table.

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