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Father Luke Strand’s “God Squad,” isn’t much liked by retailer Best Buy


Best Buy corporate isn’t scared to slap anyone with a cease-and-desist letter; even if it’s a Messenger of the Lord.  Father Luke Strand, a young priest in the Milwaukee area, wanted to bring his ministry into the 21st century, so he stuck a similar looking logo to Best Buy’s Geek Squad on a VW Beetle, aptly naming it the “God Squad.”

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Best Buy, the Minnesota-based electronics retailing giant, recently sent Strand a cease-and-desist letter concerning his car. The black Volkswagen Beetle has oval door stickers that read “God Squad” in a logo very similar to the black, white and orange logos on black-and-white Geek Squad Beetles driven by the computer and electronics trouble-shooters.

Father Strand declined to comment to the press, put Fr. Dan Janasik, part of Strand’s God Squad had this to say:

“There was never any kind of formal God Squad group or organization. Father Luke and some friends simply decided to design a car that would act as a cool and fun way to bring our faith into the public. It’s just a conversation starter.”

He continues:

“It’s obviously not a Best Buy vehicle. When people see the car in public they usually laugh, and then it leads into lots of great conversations with strangers about faith and God.”

Best Buy is sticking to their guns, although they said it’s “very difficult,” decision to make.  We’re sure.

“This was a really difficult thing for us to do because we appreciate what Father Strand is trying to accomplish with his mission. But at the end of the day, it’s bad precedent to let some groups violate our trademark while pursuing others.”

Looks like it’s Geeks: 1, God: 0.

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