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Danielle Staub’s Birthday Fiasco at Scores.


Danielle Staub

NYC- Tuesday night. There to promote her new spin-off reality TV show, featuring herself, her beau Lori and the kids, Danielle Staub of the hit show Real Housewives of NJ wasn’t going to let uninvited guest (and arch enemy) Kim Granatell—a popular ‘nobody’, as Staub opined—ruin her 48th birthday party at the Chelsea upscale strip club- Scores. Rather she was more interested in gracing the red carpet in style, even if it meant fending off for dear life ‘Kim G’

Deemed a PR stunt, Staub countered that her and Lori  are “exclusively committable.” We may not know what that means, but what we do know is that the pair managed to keep party crasher “Kim G” off the red carpet, and eventually off the premises. Tagging along with her manager, (who was in fact invited), Kim G attempted to show off her lean body on the red carpet before politely being asked to leave the premises. Asked to reflect on the party crasher, Staub had this to say…

Kim who? Kim who? She’s nobody. She was nobody when I met her, she’s nobody tonight and she’ll never be anybody. She just really needs attention, which is why she showed up here. Did you see how fast she got escorted out?”

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  • CanCan

    she looks like a stripper. i feel so bad for those little girls of hers. i’d be embarrassed if that was my mother. she’s got her own show and now she’s gay? talk about a publicity whore.