Home Scandal and Gossip Vladimir Putin greets US exiled spies with kisses and sing alongs.

Vladimir Putin greets US exiled spies with kisses and sing alongs.


Upon their recent venture back to mother Russia, Vladmir Putin laments that his American spies—faced a “very difficult fate,” in the United States, and what better way to celebrate that, than to sing KGB favorite, “What Motherland Begins With,” with them upon their return.

One can only hope that they were arm-in-arm, swigging from a bottle of vodka, as they swayed together, celebrating and serenading their new national heroes.

Huffington Post : Putin, a former KGB officer who in the early 1980s worked in communist East Germany as a low-level functionary, spoke about the uneasy lives the secret agents had in the U.S., where they were caught by the FBI in U.S. cities and suburbs where they had been living for more than a decade.

The spies, who were never charged by U.S. authorities, have been said by experts to have “failed their mission;” although we highly doubt that if the spies would have accomplished their mission, that these experts would tell the American public that.

Whether or not they accomplished their mission to compromise U.S. information or not, they did consummate their own little American Dreams in their “nightmare” in the U.S.  Cynthia Murphy got comfy with a prominent New York financier, Anna Chapman (a lover of Prince William and Harry, and kinky sex) created a cushy life as a New York City real estate entrepreneur.

A way to help cushion our National Debt? Charge the spies an exorbitant fee for their extended U.S. vacations; I’m sure as they were gallivanting with financiers, and embarking on sordid sexual escapades, they soon forgot that the only good reason to go back home was for a better bottle of vodka.

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