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Paris Hilton busted in France with drug possession.


Trying desperately hard to flirt with the law.

You know Paris Hilton must be desperately bored with her life when she keeps ‘f*cking with the law.’ Which may explain why after in less than one month the heiress has been caught with the good shit in her possession once again, after narrowly escaping prosecution in South Africa not less than a month ago.

News.com.au: CELEBRITY party girl Paris Hilton has been briefly held by police on the French island of Corsica after being caught with cannabis in her handbag, according to police sources.

Hilton was detained yesterday after arriving at the airport in Figari on a private jet from Paris.

Police found less than a gram of cannabis in her handbag and quickly released her without charge.

According to the Corse-Matin newspaper, she was travelling on the private jet with “people close to power in Malaysia” and was due to travel by yacht to the luxury resort of Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Italy.

So here we are shlepping it in the dregs of summer, desperately staring at our empty bongs while her highness is cruising ala jet set with moneyed friends, stuffing her lungs with the good shit, while we’re crying with existential woe, broken air conditioners and the police just let her off? Next time I’m born I’m going to come back as a cocoa bean heir or better still a poppy seed plantation heir.

Of course if you ask us we think Parasite Hilton should just hide the good shit up her twatter next time, there’s bound to be enough room…

Source: D listed.

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