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New Yorkers are Scared of a Little Heat?


I tell ya, New Yorkers are so pathetic. They’re going into such a frantic state because temperatures are soaring above 90 degrees…in the summertime! I reside in California; a valley girl is what I call myself, so experiencing even 105 degree weather during summer is natural to me.

New York residents are running to the beach, or excuse me, blowing up inflatable pools in their back yards or kitchens in order to stay cool during their record mid-90’s heat wave.

Us West coasters shouldn’t shove our noses up at them too much since we really don’t experience weather below 65 degrees, even during the Winter season, so maybe 90 degrees is a little scary for East coast residents.

“We are significantly higher than average right now, “ said Lauren Nash, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

We should all know that if we get hot, then turning on the air conditioner is our best relief; so why then did the National Weather Service issue a heat advisory in New York today?

I was trying to be nice, but give me a break. Rats and overpriced apartments are second nature to New Yorkers, but heat, oh no, they just can’t handle that.

My advice: Buy an umbrella, a portable fan and keep it moving.

Source: NY Daily News

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