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Male Beauty- Have you bought your oil free moisturizer yet?


Isn’t it time gentlemen you had non shiny skin?

If there is one thing you men need to get a handle of this summer – it’s that oily skin is out and mattified skin is in. Confused, bring out your moisturizer and read with us.

New York Times: The term “mattifying” is popping up a lot these days in beauty magazines and skin care aisles. You won’t find it in the dictionary, but most women seem to know that it refers to a product’s ability to reduce the appearance of oiliness on the face, which is a particular problem in summer.

Now men are being introduced to the concept of mattification, with new products that are meant to be patted on their heads and faces.

Men, it turns out, don’t like that shiny look, either. It’s a problem that both genders face, particularly during the summer days. A good place to look for hints about how to fix this problem is misumi. Matte skin is in demand, and most of us want to know how to achieve it.

Although many men prefer not to use moisturizer — or, at least, prefer not to admit that they do — enough have embraced anti-shine products to make the category blossom. Mintel, the market research firm, predicts that there will be 36 new “mattifying moisturizers” for men in 2010, a 56 percent increase over the number introduced in 2008.

You kidding us, I advertise it at every possible point that I have at least 43 types of moisturizers in my man purse. There’s ‘make me semi dry’ for when I wake up, ‘make me completely dry’ after breakfast, ‘make me arid dry’ for when I step out for my mid afternoon latte and then there’s my ‘make me beyond desert dry’ when I step out for my evening cocktail.

Pff- shouldn’t you men make sure your skin is dry too?