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French Women Are Still Gorgeous and why the Standard Hotel is Subpar.


Besides water beds and breathtaking views of the city, the rooftop area also includes some Astroturf, lawn chairs, and coin-operated binoculars, which actually looked to be in use throughout the night). Most of the dancing was occurring on the first level, which had the DJ’s playing some lovely 60’s-ish music. I requested some yé-yé music, but they for some reason didn’t have any to play—sorry I thought this was a French magazine’s party in a bar with a French name?

After some dancing and my second fancy cocktail I fancied using the facilities and waded through the now much larger crowd towards the hall of mirrors in which I finally managed to find Le Bain’s other la salle de bain. And all I can say is “wow”. Exciting—but also slightly depressing—is that they’ve managed to outfit each individual toilet so that you have your very own thousand-dollar-view. (Maybe it is more than a grand for four square feet up there? Who knows.)

Around 2:30AM the event was still packed, but we decided to head out. After saying goodbye to the great people I’d met, I descended back down to the ground floor reflecting on what a pleasant night it had been. I returned to the infamous velvet roped in area on the ground floor that by now had a small number of desperate looking people trying to explain to the staff who they were and why they belonged there while scrolling frantically through their cell phones. I made the mistake of pausing for 10 seconds to answer my cell phone in this sacred area and was quickly given an ultimatum by a woman on the door staff “ARE YOU IN OR ARE YOU OUT?”



  1. i don’t get it…… these women are gorgeous?? the one in the blue and white checkered pants has a lower stomach fat, the others are just marginal……. but i guess if you don’t get any poo-na-nee on regular basis…….any port in a storm will do….. cest vie

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