Home Nightlife French Women Are Still Gorgeous and why the Standard Hotel is Subpar.

French Women Are Still Gorgeous and why the Standard Hotel is Subpar.


What’s with the reality show impressions tonight? Sorry Heidi, I’m out I guess, which I thought you would have put together from your observation that I am blatantly walking out of the building. Now this is starting to resemble the Standard’s reputation. I guess the urgency makes them feel more important. Fortunately I’m not at all phased by this as I have had to endure absurd amounts of pretentiousness in the UK being a philosophy graduate school at Oxford. I’m really just happy to be leaving.

But my experience with the Standard’s staff doesn’t end there, oh no. Not two minutes later I am in just getting in a cab and realize I’ve left my debit card with my tab at the bar.

Now I understand completely that in order to retain your image as an “exclusive hotel” you have to work hard foster a certain image and I’m well aware that a certain amount of door people on self-indulgent ego-stroking power trips is important for the Standard retaining its mirage of exclusivity. But what I heard and saw in those next twenty minutes really pushed the limits of what I think is in general a minimally acceptable way to treat people.



  1. i don’t get it…… these women are gorgeous?? the one in the blue and white checkered pants has a lower stomach fat, the others are just marginal……. but i guess if you don’t get any poo-na-nee on regular basis…….any port in a storm will do….. cest vie

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