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Are you interested in buying the Siegel’s 90 000 sq ft home?


How many football fields and helicopter launch pads can you fit in the backyard?

Jacqueline and Dave Siegel initially sought out to build a simple 12 000 sq ft private pied a terre but somewhere along the way it became a 90 0000 sq foot pied a terre. That of course was before the credit crises hit and now they are desperately looking for a buyer. Could you finally be that person?

Gawker:The Wall Street Journal first mentioned Versailles in June, when the Siegels were begging someone to take the half-constructed mansion off their hands. This time around, the lovely and increasingly desperate Mrs. Siegel gave the Journal a tour of the half-finished home that is the size of two White Houses:

We had planned maybe a 12,000 square-foot home, but our family grew, we have eight kids, and during the design process the house just kind of took on a life of its own.

I wanted a bowling alley for the kids and I wanted an indoor roller- and ice-skating rink, and my husband wanted a 10,000 square-foot health spa with an indoor relaxation pool and the house kept growing and we had to keep buying more lots.

Yep the family grew, the bonus became bigger, the urge to have a house bigger than Siberia also got bigger and before you knew it plans for a 12 000 sq ft house became plans just for a 12 000 sq foot bathroom by the alcove. With another 78 000 sq feet to play with it was the sky the limit- that’s when the Siegel’s got into their head to design a house that could also fit half of the former Soviet block, assuming you could fit 35 people in the 79 000 rooms popping up and down, just down the road from the 12 000 alcove bathroom.

Of course before you give up on owning this home- let us remind you some of the finer selling points- each room comes with 43 smuggled Chinese slaves who will cook, clean, sweep and buff your cuticles from Monday to Friday- from 10 am to 6pm and 12pm to 12 am on the weekends- tip optional.

Each room also comes with 15 football fields, your own hazy fantazy disco room, cooking school and a major thorough fare intersection passing through it so you can get to your favorite holiday destination in minutes. Talking of holiday destinations, the house also comes with 4016 replica models of your favorite foreign landmarks. In room 100034 – there’s the Eiffel tower landmark and across the hallway in room 760008 is the Parthenon in its original entirety (ahh, those silly Greeks…).

So how much would you expect to pay to live in a yummy house like this?- 700 trillion dollars, the GDP of Veneuzela, Columbia and Ecuador put together, 40 billion dollars? No- a mere 100 million dollars (or a mere $75 million if you choose to buy the it halfway finished) and this house could be yours very very soon. Shouldn’t you be racing to close this deal?

Credit check enforced…