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The arrival of the Bushwick hipster.

Source- Paper Mag.

We continue walking, past cheap depot stores where one can buy reconverted vintage shirts for cheap (for now), past leggy girls cruising on their European cycles until we suddenly come across an area where there are no more hipsters, just cheap electronic stores, the visage of Latino eat in dives and the occasional Burger King. It’s here for the first time the area feels completely authentic and yet half a block later the sight of newly constructed lofts belies the idea that I’ve already been beat by others in their quest to find authentic and affordable spacious living quarters from which to create their body of work.

Of course the truth is many of the young kids who move here will never sell much or become that  accoladed artist, but some will and that is why the party continues- because this is all we have ever known in America- ironical t shirts or not. For the time being no one really feels or particularly believes it, even though they know they should, if tabloid heroes are the preferred coup d’etat.

At last we come across one of the many after parties the festival is having- in a lush community garden and it dawns on me as I listen to all the voices, the drunks, the kindred spirits we all want to be that exonerating soul and if not at least somehow experienced that movement. Even if that movement requires an occasional walk to the wild side and avoiding the occasional crackhead with a screwdriver in his hand, a wicked irony one can also come across the Upper East side along with $10 pasta sauces…

Brooklyn Street Art.


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