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R.I.P Rue McClanahan.


Man, if one more talented actor passes away I swear I’m going to scream. The one and only beloved comedic talent Rue McClanahan, passed away this morning at 1 a.m. after suffering from a massive stroke, says her manager Barbara Lawrence.

McClanahan, 76, was best known for her hilarious and overtly sexual role as Blanche, on the unforgettable woman’s comedy sitcom Golden Girls.

In 1997, she underwent treatment for breast cancer; and just last year she had heart bypass surgery. Before her surgery she played in the LogoSordid Lives: The Series, as the mother of a drag queen.

Although the Golden Girls was a successful show, I myself and probably others in their 20’s remember McClanahan for her hysterical and dramatic role as Aunt Fran in the 1980’s hit show Mama’s Family.

Actress and McClanahan’s Golden Girls co-star Betty White, 88, is the only one still alive…but for how long?

First Dennis Hopper and now Rue McClanahan. Aren’t you tired of the talented actors passing away? Why won’t Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba or Paris Hilton bite the bullet; it’s not like they’re doing much with their lives anyway.

Source: Yahoo News.

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