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Kathy Myers wants to tell you the pain is still in her right hand shoulder.


Lifestyles of the poor and un-insurable.

Kathy had a searing pain in her shoulder but all she could get from the Emergency Room (the savior of last resorts) was a few anti inflammatory pills. Which is great for reducing swelling but next to nothing for easing pain. Of course anyone who is poor and lives in America knows too well when you don’t have money for health insurance, no job and little recourse to money they are forced to endure the pain- endure as long as it’s not life threatening. That’s when Kathy came up with a very special plan.

Huffington Post; An unemployed Michigan woman who was unable to afford medical treatment for a searing pain in her shoulder took matters into her own hands last week, shooting herself in the shoulder in a last-ditch effort to get into the ER.

Which is like taking a half dozen eggs and smashing them on your shoulder because you want to cover the coffee stain that somehow ended up there. Of course it’ll cover the coffee stain, but inadvertently leave a new and nastier problem.

Kathy explains…

“I took the gun and went ‘Boom!'” she said.

Myers was treated for the gunshot wound at Lakeland Community Hospital and released a few hours later, reports ABCNews.com. She said the self-inflicted wound did not help her achieve her goal.

“It didn’t take the pain away,” she told News 8.

Which in a nutshell explains the delightful dilemma of life in America today for the poor and un-insurable. So please do your best and avoid coffee stains.

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