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Isn’t it time you got robbed by pint size punks too?


The little ‘munchkins’ are having a fabulous school summer break.

Have you ever been stuck up by little munchkins? No, neither have we, but this weekend past a 68 year old man in Central Park and now the world wants some answers…

NY Daily News.

Cops are hunting an armed band of pint-size punks in their early teens who pulled off a weekend stickup of a 68-year-old man in Central Park, police said.

What the four junior thugs lacked in height – the tallest among them measured 5-feet-5 and two had yet to top 4-feet-8 – they made up for with weaponry: one was armed with a gun, another a knife.

Last time we checked, people that tall were still wetting their pants and taking to holding their mommy’s hands when crossing the street. But of course the times have changed and these days knives and guns have taken the place of soft ball bats and ice cream cones.

The four, described by police as skinny and in their early teens, barked out demands that the victim fork over his property – and flashed their hardware to prove it was no bluff.

Anyway isn’t it charming that the school kids are coming up with some rather unpleasant games these days? So much for childhood…

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