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Is Gawker afraid of free speech?


So Gawker, Richard Lawson and Max Wasserman, what the hell gives? Is it free speech or not? Or just a preferred vision of your reality? And by the way it’s okay if you occasionally like to beat up on my dear friend Devorah Rose, despite the grief you cause her, and I hope you appreciated me once in a while adding comments corroborating other points of views that your readers were not aware of, or you chose not to disclose. To be frank she is quite a remarkable individual that I am very fond of, but then again you are entitled to your editorial point of view.

Really lads, you have an onus of obligation to provide free speech and the fact that you shut this ardent fan of yours off is hysterical, hypocritical and a kind of sham. So once and for all- what gives? I think your readers deserve better than that, but ultimately it’s your journal and you will see to do what serves you. A kind of shame, I think for one of the bastions of media. I think next time I write the next installment of preferred tabloid sleaze my number one vote is going to Mr Richard Johnson’s Page 6- at least there we can read and comment on the folly and absurdity of life without impunity…

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  1. The so called New Media Mafia which is no longer so new, has many of the very same prejudices as the old media. Whereas the NY Times has sources it will cross link, the truth is Gawker does the same promoting of cross linking their new media “friends” on other platforms who are in on the snarkiness. Nick Denton’s brilliance is not that he is any kind of revolutionary, he has simply attempted to duplicate the old media only online. He is simply a man who aspires to be equally as douchey as those he attempts to replace.

  2. Methinks “You’re banned!” is the new “You need to get a hobby!” It’s only funny because Lawson’s stream of consciousness writing style can be so…rambling — yet amusing. Unlike his terse e-mails… “:)

  3. I read the Gawker commenters regularly and no one EVER links to their own stuff. It’s either a breach of etiquette or they always ban people who do it. Either way, it clearly annoys them. I’m not convinced it was a personal slight.

  4. It is sad, and yet flattering that Gawker/Richard Lawson/Max Wasserman, as high as they may be on themselves, feel the need to not only ban the editor and chief from commenting(with link), but ban the intern as well. Scallywag and Vagabond can be seen as “small potatoes” when compared to Gawker. Why would they bother and take the time out to ban both people?

    One has to think what is really going on in all the Gawkerites minds…..Maybe someone is feeling Threatened?

  5. Does Devorah Rose pay you to say good things about her Scallywag? Honest- you’re her cheering squad.

  6. Joelle, it would be even tackier of me to show my comments in this article. They are all there. I would rather prefer Gawker prove to me that my comments were tacky and in bad form. I don’t think they will find one, and if they do – please by all means bring it to my attention.

    As for public masturbation? I’ll leave that to the kids in the zoo- Lady Gaga, Lilo and all the usual subjects…

  7. Show us screen shots of the comments you were posting and let your readers decide if the ban was warranted. It’s commonly considered tacky and bad form to self-link when commenting on someone else’s site, like masturbating in public.

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