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If only Audrey Scott could meet the man of her dreams.


Getting locked up because of a lonely heart.

Audrey Scott of Ohio was sucking up some moonshine the other day when it occurred to her when there wasn’t another slurping sound besides her how lonely she actually was. Resigned to the fact that sometimes life sucks and that the only way to fight redemption is by taking matters into your own hands lonely Audrey decided to call 911 to tell the operators her loneliness was an emergency.

Of course Audrey’s friends at the police station were having nothing to do with this and told her to quit calling them. Of course lonely Audrey picked up the phone and called them coppers again and that’s when after she was warned if she didn’t cut it out them coppers would be dropping by to lock her away for a night. Which is exactly what happened, because even lonely Audrey can tell you, when you’re shit out of luck, you’re really out of luck.

For her efforts, lonely Audrey then earned herself a live TV interview where she blabbered something about being lonely and stuck on that moonshine of hers. Of course little does lonely Audrey know it, but one day when the next pint of moonshine turns up on the table there will be a mysterious man looking deeply into lonely Audrey’s eyes and telling her if she doesn’t stop screaming at the universe he’s going to be forced to take her in again.

To see Audrey waffle go to the link below, but if you really want to have a laugh – watch Mrs Vincent call 911 because her husband wont eat his dinner.

Source: NBC4

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