Home Scandal and Gossip Hector Gomez murders step-daughter over World Cup.

Hector Gomez murders step-daughter over World Cup.


Some may say Die Hard Fan while others agree with…Cold Hard Killer.

Hector Gomez, 27, of McAllen, Texas was watching the U.S vs. Ghana World Cup soccer game on Saturday the 26th when his 2 year old step-daughter began to cry. Rather than assessing the situation like a sane parent, Gomez became a sadistic monster. When the child did not cease to cry, Gomez did something unimaginable…He killed her.

SF Gate: Police Chief Victor Rodriguez says the child was severely beaten and suffered several broken ribs. Police say a screw or bolt was forced down her throat in an apparent attempt to make it look like she choked to death.

Gomez was arrested soon after on Saturday for Capital Murder. He is being held at Hidalgo County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond.

One cannot even try to comprehend what was going through Hector Gomez’s mind that day. Was the crying that bad? Was the U.S. losing that much of a heart break that you were forced to beat and take the life of not only a poor defenseless child, but your own step-daughter…Then, while she lay their lifeless, try to ram something down her throat (a screw in fact) to make it seem like she had died choking?

This is a horrific event that will not only forever be tagged with Texas, but the U.S World Cup loss in 2010. Our hearts go out to the child and wish only the worst punishment for Hector Gomez.

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